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Diesenhaus Medical

Diesenhaus Medical, specializing in medical tourism, invites you to a revolutionary experience in Turkey. The company offers a holistic approach to a variety of aesthetic treatments: hair transplants, dental work, cosmetic surgery, and more. With its rich experience and knowledge in the worlds of medicine and tourism, Diesenhaus Medical offers attractive, safe packages that will leave you smiling into the mirror.

Diesenhaus Medical was founded in 2019 with the goal of making safe, quality medical services available at affordable prices. The company offers comprehensive packages so that the client can go without worries and concentrate on the results. The packages include the flight and hotel reservations, transfers, insurance and – most important – the medical treatments. Diesenhaus wants the client to feel confident and “at home” when embarking on a life-changing procedure.

Choosing Diesenhaus Medical gives you some important advantages:

  • Support and guidance in Hebrew, from the first conversation through the enjoyment of the final results
  • Professional treatment from the top medical staff in Turkey, all speaking fluent English
  • Medical insurance covering medical negligence or improper treatment, from the international Lloyd’s of London
  • Treatment at the veteran Jewish Hospital in Istanbul (est. 1900), a professional, well-equipped and clean facility that also has a synagogue on its premises, to make sure you feel at home
  • Adherence to the strictest hospital regulations, in contrast to private clinics
  • Accommodations at 5-Star hotels located close to the hospital
  • Regular flights on Turkish Airlines


The flagship package of Diesenhaus Medical focuses on surgical and dental aesthetics, including a range of plastic surgery options and the possibility of combining several surgical procedures in one trip.