Diesenhaus has been a leading tourism brand in Israel since 1926.

The Diesenhaus Group comprises a number of companies that operate in various branches of the tourism industry, providing holistic solutions to the needs of business as well as private clients.

Thanks to hundreds of dedicated, professional employees and sophisticated technological tools, Diesenhaus leads the tourist market in Israel and is constantly expanding its activities.

Our Vision

From the Diesenhaus Vision:

“Our clients are the essence of our existence. We are here for them and because of them, and our goal is to serve them beyond their expectations.”

“…to become a profitable company designed for unlimited expansion, and to contribute to the community.”

Our Values

Diesenhaus is committed to reliability and professionalism in all areas of its operations and strives constantly to ensure that its clients receive only the best service.

Because we understand that in order to continue to lead we must continue to advance, Diesenhaus believes in innovation and strives to continually develop in its concepts and activities.

As a large company that employs hundreds of people and serves hundreds of thousands of clients annually, Diesenhaus is aware of its social responsibility and works in a number of ways to benefit the community and the environment.

Our Brands

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דיזנהאוז לוגו



חברת דיזנהאוז הוקמה בשנת 1926 ברחוב דיזינגוף בתל אביב. כחברת הנסיעות הותיקה בישראל, סיפורה של דיזנהאוז נרשם תוך כדי התפתחותה של החברה בישראל ועם התפתחותו של המשק בישראל. החברה עברה בעלים שונים מידיים פרטיות, חברות ציבוריות, וקבוצות החזקות, מוזגה ומוזגו אליה פעילויות רבות. אך המותג המוביל דיזנהאוז תמיד נשאר בקדמת הבמה והשוק בישראל.



חברת התיירות “קרוזיט”, המתמחה בחופשות שייט, מזמינה אתכם לעלות איתה יחד על הסיפון ולצאת לגלות יעדים מדהימים מסביב לעולם. החברה מציעה חבילות לקהל יעד מגוון בהתאמה אישית.



Tzabar’s tourism activities began in 1989 and, ever since, the company has maintained itself as a fresh young brand offering tourist products to private clients.


Tzabar Sport

Tzabar Sport specializes in creating, marketing and selling tour packages that include sports events. Thousands of fans and amateur athletes travel via Tzabar Sport every year to various sporting events throughout the world.


Tzabar Show

Tzabar Show specializes in creating, marketing and selling tour packages that include shows and festivals. Tzabar Show invites you to begin dancing to your next holiday to the sounds of the best singers, ensembles and stages in the world.



Diesenhaus was founded in 1926 at Dizingof St., Tel Aviv. As the oldest travel company in Israel, the story of Diesenhaus goes hand-in-hand with the development of Israeli society and the Israeli economy. The company has changed owners several times, from private hands to public companies and holding groups, and has merged with other companies. But the name Diesenhaus remains a leading brand at the forefront of the market in Israel.



Cruiseit, a tourism company that specializes in cruise holidays, invites you to come aboard and discover amazing places around the world, from villages in the Far East to Antarctica at the South Pole.